Teen years


During the past week I’ve had a couple of throwbacks to my school days, when things were so confusing and I had no idea of where I was going or what I was going to become or who my friends would be when I finally were 21.

Now that I’m 21, I can lay in my bed and remember those days from a bittersweet point of view. Ah, how time flies! It’s actually quite weird because you don’t notice it but then one day you find yourself walking through your old school’s corridors, wishing to see your old teachers, those who taught you so much.

Last Friday I went to my old school and I was amazed to see how things hadn’t changed too much: same teachers, same rooms, same kind of people. It was me the one who had changed. But when walking around the deserted corridors all I could think about was that I had somehow made it. I made it, I got out of there. Not that I hated school (I loved it, actually), but it was a stage of my life that I definitely don’t wish to relive. Oh, those confusing teen years! The fake friends, the temporary depressions and meaningless laughs and tears, the indecision and insecurities… Those are supposed to be gone for good….

… right?

School friends, that’s another interesting point. Do you think you can keep them forever?

For me, I think you will notice who are your true friends after the first couple of years out of school. Who do you keep seeing every week or every month? who do you keep talking to? who keeps being interested in your life?

I consider myself lucky to have the friends I have, some new, most of them old. The old ones have been there since my teen years and I consider them family. Actually, I consider all my good friends family.

Yeah, you can keep your school friends forever. At least, until 21… and counting!


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