Just yesterday, as I was sitting in a crowded bus full of people going back home, I looked out of the window to all those who were running trying to get away from the unnexpected rain that started pouring down around 8pm. I looked at those unknown faces and didn’t think about their lives. I only paid attention to their faces.

And then, a sudden thought came to me: what would we look like without eyebrows?

I know, I know, there are people who don’t have eyebrows. But… how weird do they look??

And then, I thought, how could a tiny little aspect of our face change our expression all of a sudden?

Also, yesterday I was speaking with my lovely friend about aliens. Those aliens from out of space, you know?

Yeah, I’m a believer that the human race is not the only thing out there, there HAS to be something else. Something we might not understand or know for certain but let’s not be pretentious douches and think that we are the supreme unit of life. We’re not.

Are aliens aware of us? do they care about our eyebrows?

Those little green men are good at hiding, right?

Except I don’t believe they’re green at all.
Maybe they’re just like us.
Maybe there is another girl in another planet writing a stupid rant in her blog, just like I am doing right now.

Going back to the subject of eyebrows, one of my friends’ and I mottos is: do not go out with a guy with thinner eyebrows than yourself. Just… don’t. He’s probably hiding something if he’s got the will to pluck his eyebrows to that extreme.

Plucking your eyebrows is painful.
And hard work, just like shaving your legs…

but we’ll speak of the pains of being a grown woman later. Maybe one day.


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