The Great Wall of Couldn’t Care Less


Today I’ve been thinking of my emotional barrier. I like to call it the Great Wall of Couldn’t Care Less.

As you probably imagine, an emotional barrier is something we all have -except the height and width of it varies in each person. It helps you hide away from emotional troubles, it makes you tell yourself “it’s ok, it doesn’t affect you” after reading something terrible on the newspaper or hearing a sad story. An emotional barrier is something we all have, and definitely we all need.

Empathy is the ability of jumping the barrier for a bit and letting yourself feel a bit like your partner, to “share” their suffering -at least for a while.

So, I’ve been thinking, what about my emotional barrier? I seem to be able to drift from a total “couldn’t care less” state to a “I don’t want to live in this planet anymore” one. I mean, I get it, we all need to worry about things… but why must we let them affect us so much? Obviously, each person has a different grade of affection.

This is my updated scale of “how much you care”:

  1. Hell no, hide and don’t interact with anyone or anything — this is the top of the list. When someone seems to break down in tears or fills their mind with worries, possibilities, what ifs and worse case scenarios… THEN you know you’re dealing with a Case 1. These kind of people only cause 2 responses in their partners: Response 1- Pay attention to their problems & try to help them get through it. Response 2- panic and avoid them as a way of avoiding getting affected. 
  2. Uhm, today you’re worried. I’ll call you back tomorrow — these kind of people seem to let things worry them -at least, for a while. They are able to go back to an (almost) normal state after a period of worrying.
  3. Careless individual, mind if I borrow your carelessness? — those carefree people who don’t seem to let anything or anyone affect them. WHO ARE THEY? I personally think they’re hiding something. I mean it! NO ONE can be so passive… can they? well, except psychos… but that’s another story.


But my point is: can we jump back and forth in the “how much you care” scale? Of course we can! The human body is set to adapt itself in different situations, isn’t it? Am I proposing something ridiculous? For example, I know I care about my future, about what the hell am I going to do with my life when I finish my degree (sometimes, it gets  to the point of Case 1) BUT some other times I think to myself “whatever, don’t force it, let it flow” (Case 3). Am I hiding something? Do I forget about the matter just as a way of escaping –even though deep down I still care, and there’s a single neurone going through my options of becoming a stripper, a failed comedian or a drug mule when I finish my degree?

Well it must be. Because if I spent my whole day worrying about the future, my brain would probably combust into flames. And that death wouldn’t be too pleasant, in my opinion.


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