The mean reds


I’ve been seeing stuff in black and white lately. Well, mostly black.

These days I’ve been a bit down, which is not normal in me. Those who really know me will tell you that, beyond my image of quiet shy girl hides a maniac who will try to make you laugh whatever the cost -that includes making ridiculous faces or talking about butt hair.

However, I’m trying to get out of this black hole and move on. You see, like Holly Golightly, I suffer the mean reds, but she has the exclusive with the name, so I’m naming them the mean blacks. In case you’re not familiar with the term, for Holly the mean reds meant being scared but not really knowing why. In her case, she fixed it by going to Tiffany’s. For me, I’ve found out that the things that calm me down are compulsively buying a compilation album with songs from the 50s/60s sang by girls only. These meant putting my favorite green headphones on and listening to the voices of Ella Fitzgerald, Julie London and Etta James -among some others.

These songs cheered me up

What do you do in those mean reds? sorry… blacks?


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