Pocket Size


Today I’ve been looking at couples. Cute couples, odd couples and, most of all, uneven couples.

Seriously, what the hell is with you tall men picking short girls as girlfriends? As a tall girl myself, I’d like to discuss the situation. I mean, if every short girl is wandering around with tall guys, well… what is left for us??

One of my friends went out with a small guy. He WAS small -seriously, he was! I’m not exaggerating. But they were ok… most of the time. The rest of the time it was as if he was her little brother and she was taking him to the park or something. But hey, they were happy for a while.

That so, my trouble is: please, short girls, pair up with short boys and leave tall boys alone!


No, I’m not serious. Do whatever floats your boat and pair up with whomever loves you.

But please, introduce his other tall brothers to us tall girls.


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