Invisible Me


Imagescreencap from “The Princess Diaries” (2001) with pre-Academy Award Anne Hathaway



Well, no, no one has sat on me yet, but twice in two days I have felt invisible to the eyes of someone -ok, to be fair, to the eyes of men, particularly.

Exhibit A) yesterday afternoon, I went to a great retro restaurant with my favorite girl to have a milkshake. The place is awesomely decorated emulating a typical American bar of the 50s. You know, like the one in Grease where Frankie Avalon appears as a guardian angel and all that. Well, at a certain point of yesterday afternoon I started to wonder if I wasn’t turning invisible after all. The waiter, a cute blue eyed guy, seemed to ignore the fact that it was ME who was paying, not my friend. No bad feelings, she’s great looking, but HEY, DUDE, I’m going to be paying you, so please look at me when asking “everything ok, girls?”. Or in case you don’t want my opinion, just ask her. A simple glance would have done, but no -he decided to ignore me. 

I GET IT, my friend is more attractive than I am, but what about “the client is always right” and the rules of hospitality and all that? —please, don’t think I’m bitter. I’m used to it and lately it’s not like I take it personally. It used to annoy me, but I’m past it.


Exhibit B) this happened today but has been happening to me all my life, whenever I set foot ouside the house with my old sister. Old as in 9 years older. She’s always been the center of attention: she’s petite, skinny, blonde and uses more makeup than anyone I know (except for a drag queen or two). Saying that she’s like water and I’m like oil would be an understatement. We don’t look related (picture me: tall, broad shouldered, brunette and with my head down most of the time).
So, you’d say I’d be used to not being the center of attention when going out with her, but for some reason, today’s situation annoyed me -a bit. We went to the vet (one of my dogs had a little trouble with her… um, her butt) and OH MAN, you should have seen how many doctors came to help us. THREE DOCTORS. Three vets for just one (tiny) dog. I would have laughed if I hadn’t found it so annoying. Three vets around a tiny dog, looking at her butthole (sorry, had to say it). But I knew they weren’t worried about my tiny dog’s butt -no, no. They were there to take a look at my tiny blonde sister.


Again, please, don’t write me off as the bitter ugly friend/sister. I’m not (bitter). But it seems curious to me how those little moments can wreck the confidence of the most self-confident person ever.

This brings to my mind a quote by Dita Von Teese (famous stripper) I recently read:

I’ve said it time and time again. You can be a juicy, ripe peach and there’s still going to be someone who doesn’t like peaches, so you can either submit to someone’s criticism of you, or you can get on with the business of being your own amazing self who attracts other like-minded people that appreciate you.

Well, it’s easy for you to say, Dita. Your “peaches” are espectacular and I doubt anyone in the entire world isn’t attracted to you.



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