Negativity resistant


These past two weeks have been the weirdest of my life. It’s almost as if the piece that kept it together and kind of gave meaning had disappeared, or as I’m used to say now, put on standby.

My father has always been anxious and depressed, but his good days made it worth it to keep up with him. I liked him, he’s always been one of my greatest role-models: I admire his compassion, his intelligence and his good manners. It’s true he has bad traits too, but as I said, his good ones make up for those. A always got a warm feeling inside whenever he smiled or laughed, or when he made jokes.

So now, I’m left wondering in which state will he be when all this is over, when he finally wakes up and starts making progress. I’m trying to be negativity resistant, as if I was wearing a bulletproof vest. I surprise myself laughing at the randomest occasions, but feeling bad overall. What will happen?

I guess life does go on and I can only wonder, at least from now.


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