Excuse my automatic writing


A black dress is hanging in my room, visible, ready for action. It makes me think on how black can have such different meanings.

We wear black when we want to feel sexy, when we want to be elegant, when we go to a funeral.
We wear black on those days we want to believe we are sophisticated Parisians.
We wear black when our mood is not the brightest.

I’ve known of black lace underwear, black shoes, black scarves, black hats, even black souls.
Can you wear a black soul?

Yeah, I guess you can.

I’ve been wearing a black soul for the past 2 months.
Tomorrow will be the last day. One more act of ceremony and there it goes. The black soul, the black dress.

Bye, bye, black. I hope I don’t have to see you again… at least, in a while.

Dad, I love you. We both know this was for the best.


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