your 20s


~ in your 20s ~

1. Fuck things up, you’re allowed to.
2. Worry about what will you wear for a dinner/concert/event.
3. It’s ok to like clothes. It’s ok not to like them.
4. Get an education, whether it’s a college education or a self-education doesn’t matter. Just, LEARN THINGS.
5. Be curious. Life is just beginning.
6. Learn how to be independent, but allow yourself moments of dependance. It’s ok to look for your father’s advice every once in a while.
7. Appreciate your parents. Appreciate your family. Appreciate your friends.
8. Learn to differenciate between real and casual friends. It’s ok to have both, but learn the difference between them.
9. People will let you down. Move past it.
10. Being family doesn’t always mean you can rely on each other.
11. Practice EMPATHY.


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