Let’s talk about sizes, shall we?


Was Marilyn Monroe fat? And Kate Winslet in Titanic (1997)? What about Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence? Am I to be considered “fat” because I wear a size 40 (European size, it’s a 12 in the UK and Australia and an 8 in the US)?

Sizes should not even matter for us civilized people, but somehow, I still find myself reading disgusting articles about fabulous talented women, in which their “value” is basically reduced to a couple of measures or face features. Why are women still valued for their beauty and not for their brains? Aren’t we in the year 2014??

I’ve been thinking about this today, triggered by the news that Spanish brand MANGO has launched a “special line for the modern woman”, in which they will only sell clothes from size 40 to 52. Violeta, is called. For starters, I was excited. “Nice!”, I thought, “finally a place where the measures of the clothes won’t be more suitable for a 15 years old than for me!” -I’m tired of trying on an “L” size and then finding out that it didn’t stand for “Large”, but for “LOL you don’t fit here, fatty”. But, what can I do, if I have a wide back and wide hips?

Going back to my point: the special size store. The new line by MANGO seemed to be a nice place. That was until I found the website and scrolled through their items. My first thought was: “ok, if it’s for “young fresh women”, why is all too classy?”. [Classy as in simple lines, simple clothes, timeless items] It’s totally ok, I love those kind of clothes but, can’t women of sizes 40 to 52 dress in trendy clothes? Can’t they be a bit risky?

Talking with my great friend B, who knows more about everything than me, she instructed me on how women who wear big sizes normally prefer to be discreet, so the classy items are the solution for them. That is why these kind of stores promote those silhouettes. She also spoke about the cost of making a size 44 leather jacket -the prize would go up and users would not buy it anyway.

Now, what do you think? I’m thinking that… well, I bought my first and most prized leather jacket at Mango. I still use it. I love it. It was expensive, but I love it anyway. It was a gift. And it doesn’t fit me that well. It’s a size 42 and I can’t zip it because it’s too tight. Now, I’m telling you: if I spent over 100€ for that jacket, why wouldn’t another woman like me do it -with even more reason to do it, if it was one who actually fitted her?

PS: Nor Marilyn, nor Kate, nor Jennifer were fat. They were/are stunning women who I admire for many other things apart from their weight/looks.


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