3×5 by John Mayer


One of my all time favorite songs, this one always helps me think. And yeah, it always makes me tear up a little. I adore this live version… this man is a God. Some of my favorite lines:


Today, skies are painted in the colour of a cowboy’s cliché
And it’s strange, how clouds that look like mountains in the sky
Are next to mountains anyway


Today, I finally overcame
Trying to fit the world inside a picture frame
Maybe I will tell you all about it when
I’m in the mood to lose my way


Girl friends


Some of my most prized posessions are my girl friends. I’ve always been a girls girl, and I’ve rarely had male friends (intimate male friends, that is). The truth is, I don’t know how to function around guys –I don’t know how to speak to them; I don’t know how to laugh with them and I certainly don’t know how to flirt with them (but that’s another story).

The thing is, my girl friends are very very very special to me. I have the most diverse group of friends ever, and I like to believe that, together, we create a wonderful group. My friends… they’re practically what have kept me going certain days.

They are insane, have a great sense of humor and a great taste in music (well, it depends on the day and the occasion, really). I love going to the cinema with them, having a coffee or just a walk, they’re always nice to have around. They soothe my soul, if you allow me to say so.

Why is it that we don’t truly accept compliments yet we quickly believe every bad thing said about us? I observe my girl friends and I see beautiful intelligent women with an uniqueness in them that is quite hard to find (believe me, I’ve searched!). They don’t seem to believe how amazing they are, and I find myself wondering why don’t they like themselves (HECK, I WISH I was as good as them!). I like how our friendships have randomly started (I’ve experienced love at first sigh with one of them, when, right after meeting her, we told each other our whole life story and knew we were going to last for a long time). Others, I remember not giving the chance to be in my life until quite later, yet finding in them the most amazing and unexpected people. With my 2 eldest ones, I remember such crazy and random situations that I cannot picture my life without them. They all are my sisters.

I’m proud to say I’m a good friend, I think I know how to make them laugh –but, believe me, that’s a small prize to pay in exchange of what they give me: PEACE OF MIND.


This post was brought to my mind and fingertips right after a long day of migraines and migraine-pills, endless hours in front of my laptop and an hour long tutoring a sleepy child in English.

Classic Films’ Buddy


I’ve felt the urge to go binge-watching classic films today, but I realized I’m missing my favorite part about them: my perfect buddy for classic films’ watching. Old Hollywood will never shine as much as it used to when he was sitting next to me on the sofa, holding my feet during the winter or complaining of me taking up all the space in the summer. Dad was my perfect film-watching buddy. He introduced me to classic films, I think one of the first ones we watched was Casablanca or some other with Humphrey Bogart in it –he loved his films. Or maybe it was a Laurel & Hardy one, we used to laugh so much with them. He hated Jimmy Stewart, and I liked to defend him in Vertigo. We had (I still have) Hitchcock’s full filmography, and I remember forcing him to buy me Audrey Hepburn’s too. Westerns were not our cup of tea (he always defended the Indians, and I would always suffer when a horse was shot down), but his most favorite fim was, exceptionally, “Stagecoach” (1939), with John Wayne. He was not a huge fan of Americans and patriotism, but somehow this film always lifted his spirits. I guess it’s kind of like what Bringing Up Baby does to me –it takes your mind off things for a while and makes you laugh. His favorite character was Doc (Thomas Mitchell). Or maybe Buck (Andy Devine), the greatest stagecoach driver ever.


the cast of John Ford’s “Stagecoach” (1939)

I just remember the feeling of sitting there while having dinner, after a long week, immersing myself in whichever film we were watching that night, appreciating the little details and loving every single glimpse of “clean humor” and the clothing. Also, it was really comforting not having to worry about uncomfortable sex scenes while sitting next to a parent (I HATED THAT). Classic films always remained classy, I guess.

Maybe he’s the one who made me want to be classy by introducing me to the classy feeling of classic films.

For that, thank you, dad. You were the best classic films’ watching buddy I could ever had.

“I’m a feminist”




— image via Rosalarian —

Are we feminists when we read fashion magazines ridiculing celebrities’ bodies or dresses or make-up?

Are we feminists when we laugh at the outfit of that woman at the supermarket or on the bus?

Are we feminisits when we judge the sexual activities of a pal?

Are we feminists at all?

The Ultimate Car Playlist


When I passed my driving test last week, all I asked to my friends was to make me a mix cd for my car. The first compilation to arrive has been Carmen’s, a 3 CD mix with 50 unforgettable songs such as Alaska’s “A Quien Le Importa” (quite important here in Spain during the 80s), Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, We Are Family by Sister Sledge, It’s Raining Men and Sex Bomb among some others.

Yeah, please notice the irony in these songs. These are not serious at all, but ALWAYS work with my friends to make us laugh and sing outloud and dance around. Unforgettable mixes, unforgettable moments… and unforgettable car crash soon due to my hysterical singing in the car! (no, no, don’t worry, I’m a careful driver).


Today, while I’m not driving due to my city’s major festivities (which create a huge mess on the streets and I’m not patient enough to be driving in circles due to cul-de-sacs), but I’m enjoying a day-in in my pjs and crazy hair instead.