The Ultimate Car Playlist


When I passed my driving test last week, all I asked to my friends was to make me a mix cd for my car. The first compilation to arrive has been Carmen’s, a 3 CD mix with 50 unforgettable songs such as Alaska’s “A Quien Le Importa” (quite important here in Spain during the 80s), Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, We Are Family by Sister Sledge, It’s Raining Men and Sex Bomb among some others.

Yeah, please notice the irony in these songs. These are not serious at all, but ALWAYS work with my friends to make us laugh and sing outloud and dance around. Unforgettable mixes, unforgettable moments… and unforgettable car crash soon due to my hysterical singing in the car! (no, no, don’t worry, I’m a careful driver).


Today, while I’m not driving due to my city’s major festivities (which create a huge mess on the streets and I’m not patient enough to be driving in circles due to cul-de-sacs), but I’m enjoying a day-in in my pjs and crazy hair instead.



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