“I’m a feminist”




— image via Rosalarian —

Are we feminists when we read fashion magazines ridiculing celebrities’ bodies or dresses or make-up?

Are we feminists when we laugh at the outfit of that woman at the supermarket or on the bus?

Are we feminisits when we judge the sexual activities of a pal?

Are we feminists at all?


4 thoughts on ““I’m a feminist”

  1. Feminism, as I see it, is about having the right to make your own decision on how to act/dress/live your life. It should be about inclusion but sadly it has become more and more about exclusion. People are just so interested in listing everything feminism is not that they forget what feminism is supposed to be all about: the right to live your life the way you choose

    • very well said! the problem is that a simple list of what is and what isn’t feminism is not the answer, in my opinion. Those who are totally obsessed with establishing boundaries for what feminism is, very often encounter this problem. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting 🙂

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