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As you’ve probably heard, this amazing girl, Emma Watson, just graduated from Brown University with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature (oh hey, almost like what I’m also studying!!). What I wanted to remark with my post is that yeah, she IS a great role model, but… has she chosen to be one?

Let me explain myself.

All the articles or comments I’ve read about Watson’s graduation is what a great role model she is and how she, as opposed to many of her fellow “young stars”, has proven to be a wonderful person to look up to. This bothers me. She IS a great person, but do you think she’d want the paparazzi to be camping outside her graduation ceremony? Do you think she wakes up every morning and thinks “oh hey, I’m going to do good things just so I can be a good role model” or “oh hey, I’m going to avoid being seen in public doing this or doing that, just to prove I’m not a wild child”? Well, probably the answer is no.

This post was triggered after reading so many posts about celebrities being role models. I hate it when parents blame the media for the behaviour of their youngsters. I simply HATE it. Bad parents blame Lindsay Lohan for the wild behaviour of their daughters. Bad parents blame videogames for their son shooting people in real life. Bad parents blame their own daughters for being raped after dressing with “slutty short shorts and a tank top”. Definitely, I think bad parents need to blame anyone else but themselves when things go wrong, and celebrities are the easy answer for them.

Yeah, I believe Emma Watson is a great role model, but my point is, parents shouldn’t let their youngsters model themselves after celebrities. Celebrities are human too. Celebrities will fuck up. Celebrities will be photographed drunk after a night out. Celebrities will graduate, but may also fail at least once in their lives (we all do. The difference here is that their failures are merciless shown on TV and all over the Internet).

Congrats, Emma! May you reign for many many years and I hope you don’t fuck up, because the media wolves will come and tear you apart.


One thought on “Emma

  1. Very true, but given the kinds of examples out there, I’d be relieved and happy if my daughter chose to model herself after Emma Watson as compared to say Kim Kardashion. Whether we like it or not, celebrities are the people youngsters chose to emulate these days and I for one am glad there are some good ones out there as well!

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