Time alone (part 2)


I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person.

– Oscar Wilde

Maybe I’m repeating myself, because I’m sure I’ve stressed before how important I think it is spending time alone. It is necessary for all of us, and I think we often confuse being alone with being lonely. I guess it depends on your personality (some people need to be surrounded by people to be happy), but I believe being alone every once in a while suits us all. You get to know yourself, which things you like and which you don’t like –and yeah, I know I sound like an advice column recommending their readers to masturbate– but that’s not my point.

What I mean is: SPEND TIME ALONE.

Read. Listen to music. Sing obnoxiously loud. Paint your face. Brush your hair. Paint your nails. Think. Question your motives. Ask yourself what you want to become. Laugh at your own jokes. Watch a film. Write silly poems. Make playlists. Do some research on that article you read and are curious about. Discover new things. Go out and buy yourself dinner. Go for a walk. Go for a drive. Turn up your music and forget all your problems. And yeah, why not? masturbate.


I keep reading things like “you complete me” or “I am nothing without you” or even “I didn’t know who I was until you found me”, and I truly believe that is a waste of who you are. Believe me, I’ve grown up with a person who constantly needs to be in the spotlight. My old sister has always needed a guy by her side. I would observe her being alone in her bedroom and not knowing what to do until her boyfriend got here in the afternoon. She’d spend the whole morning staring at the mirror or nervously checking if he was coming already, and I wondered why didn’t she find something else to do.

So, I guess if you’re reading this, I want to tell you that don’t let yourself depend of someone else. Because humans are volatile and if they disappear, you’ll find yourself lost. Learn how to survive by yourself -I get it’s beautiful to have someone by your side, but being alone is something you will have to deal with sooner or later. We are born alone, we die alone, don’t we?


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