Random Sunday Story: Blended



I like to believe this is what you did to me. I was like dark tea in a porcelain cup, unsweetened and strong. I had always thought that life within porcelain walls was the usual: I was determined to feel lonely. I was self-centered. I was sad. I wasn’t aware of my loneliness until you got here and unexpectedly blended up in my life. You, like milk, were fresh, light, sweet. You, like milk, were a healthy blow. Maybe you hit me right when I needed it, and you made my life within porcelain walls become a blended mixture of feelings. I can’t describe with words what it was like.

But as I look into this picture and think of you, I push myself to compose a short piece about you, about what I’ve become after you.

They say it’s hard to rely on other people, especially after being let down so many times before. I guess that was what scared me at first. But it was worth it.

The whirlwind you created in my life was… refreshing. Yes, refreshing. Your traits created a turmoil in mine. You influenced my nature, we became one. Now I say thank you every day to whichever phenomenom that brought you into my life. Thank you, universe. Tea days are gone, porcelain walls are not constraining anymore.


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