It’s currently raining outside, I think I’m hearing some thunders too. Well, no, I’m not hearing them, because I (as usual) am listening to music through my headphones. Blasting music through my headphones, I should say. A ginger named Ed Sheeran is serenading me today. My aunt’s furry white dog is sitting next to my feet, trembling like she always does when there’s a storm. She’ll be fine, though. She is fine. Oh, there’s also a lighting storm.

Summer storms are my favorite. The smell of rain is my favorite. The chilly air after a row of hot days is my favorite.

I took a selfie earlier and I noticed that my collarbones are showing. I’ve been losing weight and I’ve been feeling more confident lately. I feel like I need to go shopping to complete my make-over.

In spite of the warm feelings I could have today, I also feel like a slacker. Mostly because I’ve been procrastinating more than usual and I still have a Final to sit in July, 2nd (one day after my birthday). So, today instead of reading Shakespeare’s “King Lear”‘s themes and motifs, I’ve been mellowly listening to Ed Sheeran’s new album (X “Multiply”) and making playlists.

Summer is here, it’s Tuesday, and it’s raining.



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