I want it all



(image not mine)

I want it all. And why the hell wouldn’t I?
I am a woman of 24 (still catch myself thinking I’m 23…);
I want a career, a life partner, a dog, a family, FRIENDS I can trust, pretty things, a comfortable life, books, music, make-up, blankets in the winter and AC in the summer.

I wanna live.

I find myself waking up tired, no matter how long I sleep. I still think everyday is a Sunday -you should treat yo self every once in a while, right?- the problem is when you treat yo self every damn day and you end up doing nothing.

“If you never did anything you wouldn’t become anyone”, said Jenny in An Education (2009).

And, if I want it all, I need to start doing more, wishing less. ACT! DO!

Stop dreaming, dreamer.