20 Things I’ve Learned in 2015


noviembre2015iphone 032

  1. Going to a party full of alcohol when you’re feeling sad and lonely is not a good idea, especially if you tend to bottle feelings up inside yourself: you will inevitably drink too much and explode (in public).
  2. Having sex with a stranger (or getting close to it) can be fun (but it can also make yourself feel like shit afterwards).
  3. You might be scared of changes, but life doesn’t stop for anybody. If it does, you’re dead.
  4. Sometimes letting go is the best option for your mental health.
  5. You will have to work hard for what you want, even if that means waking up earlier or working on a desk non-stop for six hours.
  6. It is okay to give up on people.
  7. When it comes to love, there is no correct timing. You can pursue it, but you can’t force it.
  8. One day, you find someone who makes you forget about your insecurities. They turn into strengths, partly because of that someone; partly because your priorities change.
  9. Families can be made. The one you are given can be broken, but it’s up to you to build an alternative family.
  10. Getting out of your comfort zone is fun sometimes, but accept that there are things that are simply not your cup of tea.
  11. Your tights, your knees, your back hurt because you’re not used to the exercise. Try going for a walk every day for a change.
  12. Distance does not mean oblivion.
  13. Your bank account will look tired after a shopping spree. It will look bleak after too many shopping sprees. Learn the difference between a “treat yo’ self” and a “wreck yo’ self”.
  14. Condoms are there for a reason.
  15. Decluttering your life can be easy: throw away/donate clothes that you no longer use, clean your room/house, delete “friends” on facebook that you don’t remember the last time you spoke to, store your books in a tidy pile or bookcase and clean the bottom of all your bags (you know, the tickets and gum wrappers that are always left there until next time you grab that bag). A tidy life makes a tidy mind, my aunt says.
  16. Sex is not a taboo topic. The more you speak about it, the more you will find that it’s a normal thing.
  17. Babies are ok. Children are ok. The problem is
  18. You don’t need to feel ashamed when you catch yourself daydreaming or making life-time plans. You only need to accept that they might not happen exactly as you wished.
  19. Stressing about money right before going to bed is always a bad idea. You will not sleep one bit, the money situation will remain the same in the morning, and your nerves will make you have an anxiety attack at 1am when everyone’s asleep.
  20. You will learn and unlearn new things each day, each week, each month, each year. Some call it progress, I call it life.

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